About Sermon

10,000 hours in church: I never knew this would become a compiled resource, but it now is. Notes from over 24 years regular church meetings and christian gatherings attendance now published at sermon.com.ng.

What does a corporate blog network have to do with church notes of sermons? Blogging.com.ng launched sermon.com.ng on 17th July, making the site one of the first set of web resources launched in our latest project. Blogging.com.ng develops resources that address issues and topics in the society. One important topic is the Christian religion.

When we got wind of sermon notes of one of our collaborators and saw he had always thought of making it available, our creative mind did not had to work hard to realize there would be something interesting in these notes. The whole set was from a diverse range of preachers, denominations, and locations (nations). The time range was over two decades!

It was a collection that spanned periods, places, preachers, and perspectives. That was a bit unique to us, we realized that this was something that not every church goer could deliver; regular church attendance of 25 years would not be hard to find but what would be hard is a record of the sermons and insightful points from the viewpoint of a church member who was at those meetings.

The owner of the notes told us he had earlier planned to release it all raw in a book as “6,000 hours in church” some years ago. Now the notes have increased. We have therefore brought it together and launched Sermon.com.ng: 10,000 hours in church project.

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